Top 5 Most Successful Electric Cars On Sale 2018

Top 5 Successful Electric Cars To Go On Sale In 2018

If you are a rigid car fan and you interested in to know about cars. The upcoming year 2019 has already stored a great lineup of electric cars. Top 5 Electric cars that are launch in 2018.

 Nissan Leaf 2.0 


The second generation Nissan leaf has finally been unveiled and to say the least it is amazing the car looks totally reinvented and all the skeptics who expect  at the same funky-looking compact should be impressed leaf 2.0 is somewhat bigger than the predecessor has designed features of a hot hatchback and dramatically improved technical specifications but this time Nissan customers get to operate more powerful electric car.

MSRP: $29,990
Released: 2018
Range: 150 Mile
Power: 147 HP


Jaguar I-pace


The first electric crossover in the history of the   brand and by the looks of  it could become a very good competitor to Tesla Model X the I Pace has recently gone into production and the first model will roll out in 2018 with two electric motor that can produce 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque Jaguar I Pace can Sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour under 4 second with the next generation 90 kilowatt hour battery this all-wheel drive as over will be able to get a range of about 310 miles moreover the charging process won’t keep you waiting for long as this car will supposedly get a full charge in about two hours.


Battery: 90 KWH
Range: 310 Miles
Power: 400 HP


BMW i3s


BMW i3s is the 2018 model year of BMW r12 has gone through a mild facelift received a modification with the name i3s the most visible changes of standard trim are updated bumper wheels color palette and the Lighting from now on all LED at the i3s no longer get equipped with a 22 kilowatt-hour battery it has gives away to thirty-three point two kilowatt hour allowing 180 miles of range. The buyer of 2018 a three-sport can expect improved performance courtesy of a 183 horsepower and 199 pounds of torque and accelerate to 60  Miles per hour in 6.8 seconds and has the top speed of 100 mph with a premium interior reliability of a German made car.


MSRP: $45,445
Range: 180 Miles
Power: 183 HP
Released: 2018


 Porsche Mission E 


Mission e for same mission 2 thus car was introduced for the first time back in 2015 as a concept that was promised be turned into a production model by 2020 at the recent news from say some very reassuring as the start of the producion has been rescheduled for 2019 with the units being delivered by the end of that year discerning price has also been announced and the basic trim will cost around 80 thousand dollars the more detailed technical characteristics have not been disclosed yet but as a concept the supercar was equipped with dual electric motors producing combined 600 horsepower the range was set at 312 miles zero to 60 under 3.5 seconds.


MSRP: $80,000
Range: 312 Miles
Power: 600 HP
Released: 2019
Top Speed: 155 MPH


Fisker E-motion 


Fisker E-motion even though power and packs for this Eevee have not been released yet but the looks of it we can guess that emotion is going to have a supercar like performance its public debut is scheduled for August 2017.


MSRP: $129,900
Range: 400 Miles
Debut: August 2017
Charging: 9 min. to 125 Miles ( Fast Charging)



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