Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Fast And Furious Franchise

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Fast And Furious

The fast and furious franchise has been popping out every couple of year since 2001 and plans to create a 9th and 10th entry it doesn’t show any signs of stopping at this rate it’ll rival other franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe with all that content speeding by it can be easy to miss a few things here are the 10 things you don’t know about the fast and the furious.

#1- Illegal Street Racers


Director Rob Cohen of The Fast and The Furious helped pick out 200 souped-up cars driven by their owners to be in the first film. This was the fantastic idea to capture both the look and feel of how underground racing really is in the fourth entry of the franchise fast and the furious. Filmmakers would post Meetup places where people could bring their cars to show off an audition for the movie and after select the cars in the film and insert into different scenes as needed. The studio must have saved tons of money by hiring cars and people who wanted to be in the movie rather than buying or creating vehicles for the film.

#2- Out Of Order


The movie isn’t out of order, for example, Tokyo Drift is actually set in the future and the movie doesn’t take place in the timeline until after the sixth part. There is 2 movie that the most people haven’t heard of Los Bandoleros is a short film and prequel to the set before 1st part and turbocharged prelude is a short film starring Paul Walker that bridges the gap between the first and second part.

#3- Trilogy


Tokyo Drift director Justin Lin also directed Fast and Furious, Fast Five and Fast and Furious 6. He envisions those three movies as an unofficial trilogy that shared a story that they would end with Fast and Furious 6. He even originally wanted the sixth installment to simply be called Furious 6. To fit in with the naming convention of the fifth part. Unfortunately, from a marketing standpoint, the studio didn’t think that the general public would understand what furious 6 was. They were afraid people wouldn’t realize it was part of the Fast and Furious franchise. In the end, Lin didn’t get his way on the title but he did get the title card at the end of the opening credit before the movie actually starts the title card appear and says furious 6 rather than the full title of the film.

#4- The Real Drift King 


Impressive Drifting scenes in Tokyo Drift really perform by the Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya. He is Japanese racing Legend and also the driver in Tokyo Drift scene. He is professional racecar driver who becomes famous for his use of drifting in non-Drifting events.

#5- Cameo Condition


Vin Diesel agrees to do Cameo but in lieu of money in exchange for his Cameo. Universal studios gave him in his production company and character Riddick from 2000 pitch black in 2004 The Chronicles of Riddick.

#6- Racer X


Racer X magazine article featured in Vibe magazine. The article was written by Ken Lee who tells the story of illegal drag racing scene in Queens New York. And after director, Rob Cohen found the article and ended up watching a race himself. He was inspired by both the article and the experience and decided he wanted to make it a film. He pitched the idea to Universal Studios who later bought the rights from Ken Lee and it began work on a movie.

#7- Han Solo


In fast five finally, find Hand last name when we get the quick glance of it on a computer screen right next to Dominic Torettos picture we see Hans picture with his full name spelled out across the top. As it turns out his last name is Solo.

#8- The Rock Easter Egg


In fast and Furious 7 Hobbs is recovering in the hospital and can be seen watching a college football game. The game features the University of Miami and the commentator’s reference number 94. The footage is actually of Dwayne Johnson back when he played college football for the University of Miami.

#9- The Train Heist scene


The train heist scene alone cost 25 million dollars. To create and involve the production buying out of 600 yard stretch of train tracks as well as an entire train. The way they make this movie they literally bought a train just to destroy.

#10- Surprise

The fast and Furious audience thought Letty dies audience think the end of the character. And so did the person who played the character Michelle Rodriguez after all they did show the scene of her getting shot point blank it wasn’t until the extra scene at the end of Fast Five and audience find still alive. She had no idea her character was still alive until she watched the premiere Fast Five. The studio called and asked her role it’s a good thing she said yes.

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