iPhone vs. Android: Which is better? Difference Between Android And iOS

 Difference Between Android And iOS

There is a lot of difference between Android and iOS. But People’s are super stoked at picking up a new iPhone. And they don’t know how much Android is better than iOS.   All the Apple Fan look others to insane. Well, it’s true but perhaps they just need to see the list of Why Android is better than iOS. And what the are the major difference between Android and iOS.

#1- Customization

iPhone screen looks and operate no widgets or live wallpaper, and also you can’t remove some apps and Apple tells you which mail contact and calendar you should be using and chrome is better than safari for internet browsing.
When you plug your iPhone into your car Apple Carplay will let you use Google Maps or ways only Apple map an inferior product while pretty iOS is limiting and linear with very few ways to customize the experience like Android offer.


#2- Google Assistant

Siri may have been the first but she’s showing her age. Siri has lost a lot of her luster over the years compared to other personal assistants. Google Assistant, on the other hand, is a lot smarter of an AI companion and is also predictive instead of reactive meaning with the permission. Google tell you about things you may want to know before it happens let like detecting traffic.


#3- More Apps

Google play has come a long way over the years, in fact, you’ve got access to more apps than Apple Store with More than 2.5 million Apps at Google play compared to about 2 million at the Apple Store. 2.3 million apps out of the 2.5 are free on Google Play which is 92 percent of them a much higher percentage than the number of free iOS apps.


#4- You can download wherever you want.

Apple doesn’t trust to download iPhone apps outside of the App Store. Android download from other places then Google play. Such as other app store websites even BitTorrent sites and more you have to enable your Android device to allow this but it’s easy enough to pull off.


#5- No iTunes

iPhone users must use iTunes bloated complicated and restrictive software to transfer music between your iPhone and a computer. Android doesn’t require iTunes and you’ve got many more choices in both downloadable and streaming music services from everywhere in Android-based Operating System.


#6- Multitasking

Android phone can truly be multitasking by having two apps open at the same time. On the other hand, iPhone to perform one thing at a time. Android lets you mix and match to truly experience two apps at once.


#7- Removable Storage

iPhone doesn’t let add a microSD card therefore whatever Storage you commit to and you buy the iOS cloud storage in from the store. In Android phones, you can add an inexpensive memory card into the side or back of the device to expand storage. Also, provide dual SIM tray so you can keep two phone numbers on the same phone ideal for having two lines maybe one for work and other for personal.

#8- Headphone Jack

Apple Earpods are the most popular headphones in the world and with iPhone 7 and 7+ we’re moving to connecting them to lighting speaking of missing key hardware features. Android phones have a headphone jack. Meaning, you must keep your earbuds charged or you can’t hear your music.


#9- Device Selection

Android is better than iOS you’ve got literally thousands of Android devices to choose from ranging in price, brand, size, and feature. In iPhone, there’s only a couple of options available all from the same company and priced at a premium by going with Android you’ve got the ton of choices.


#10 It’s Integrated with your favorite apps

It’s Integrated with your favorite apps because Android is owned by Google. All of the services that you know and love are preinstalled and ready for your sign in whether it’s Gmail, youtube, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms. Sites for collaborationGoogle also offer 15 Gb cloud storage while iCloud only give 5Gb for free.

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