India’s Most Amazing Restaurants To Eat In Before You Die

Check Out These Unique Restaurants In India

Sometimes eating the same food at restaurants and visiting the same restaurant can get boring and therefore we take a look through eight of the most amazing restaurants in India. Before we get started we’ll let you know that our list is determined by average kind of price you can expect to pay for each restaurant. With different taster and also amazing restaurants interiors and designs.

#1- Tihar Food Court

Tihar Food Restaurant situated on Jail Road in Delhi. They also provided snacks which are made by convicts of the jail. This restaurant provides job and training off to run the restaurant to the prisoners.

#2- UFO Revolving Restaurant

UFO restaurant situated in Mumbai at Kandivali East. Famous for as name suggest UFO theme. The restaurant also provides the huge stock of Indian and International liquor brands with multi-cuisine.

#3- Hawai Adda

This restaurant situated in Ludhiana and restaurant concept is based on Aeroplane themed dining Hotel. Hawai Adda is famous for the unique concept of Airbus 320 which will Air India Flight and some of the junk parts of the plane was brought from Delhi and redesign in Delhi.

#4- Taste Of Darkness

Taste Of Darkness situated in Hyderabad. And in this restaurant, you will not see your food because the entire place is dark in the restaurant. Furthermore, this restaurant provides a new meal every day which awaits the guests.

#5- IIFA Buzz

This restaurant situated in Gurgaon and restaurant concept is based on IIFA Awards. Theme arrangement gives Bollywood experience to the guests. The uniqueness of this restaurant is the interior is decorated with Bollywood posters and IIFA trophies.

#6- The Black Pearl

The Pirate theme based restaurant situated in Banglore. Moreover, The restaurant gives the feel of ship and interior of the restaurant gives the experience of sitting on the front deck of the ship with sea wind.

#7- Firangi Dhaba

The Firangi Dhaba Restaurant is a  concept of auto-rickshaw and gives an experience of streets in Mumbai. The restaurant also uses the number plates as a menu. Moreover, the restaurant situated in Mumbai.

#8- Nature Toilet Cafe

The main motive of the restaurant is to promote hygiene. Moreover, the restaurant situated in Ahmedabad.


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