Fake Stories Of 2017 That We Blindly Believed

False alarm! That was a fake news

This year saw social media at its most grounded, to such an extent that it influenced us to trust a portion of the strangest news that continued coming to our direction. While social media is important to spread the news and to have a touch of fun, the present open ought to be very much aware of the ‘breaking news’ that may have broken to simply sever our heads with lie data.

Having said that, various viral imperfect and invalid stories and news had overflowed the social media with a tempest. In a steady progression, everything got a seal of the ‘stunning’ or ‘goodness my god’. Tragically, this phony news is as yet thought to be genuine and should be out with a full stop to them. Here is a rundown of such news, that had influenced us to recoil, chuckle and for the most part weirded us out. Investigate!

#1-  A girl underwent 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie


The viral photos of the Iranian girl Sahar Tabar went wild since it was before asserted that she had experienced 50 surgeries to look like Hollywood star Angelina Jolie and the result to every one of those surgeries is right in front of your eyes. This, as well as guaranteed to look like Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, among other similarly awful names. Afterward, it was realized that the majority of this was only a phony news. She just photoshopped her own picture, and the photos that she posted was totally facked she is not looking like that all.

#2- GPS chip in the new currency notes


Indians are already in shock or did not leave the stun of the money demonetization when media outlets had spread the news of Rs 2,000 having the GPS installed in them. It was said that it was PM Narendra Modi’s purposeful publicity to win a battle against defilement and dark cash. In the long run, later it was affirmed by the RBI that they didn’t highlight any such new cash.

 #3- Ambani’s picture in PM Modi’s office


A photograph that has been around all the social media stages. Any estimate? A photograph of Narendra Modi sitting in his office with Sachin Tendulkar. There is not much, right? Yet, pause… here comes the unusual part, there’s a surrounded picture of Mukesh Ambani with his better half holding tight the mass of the Prime Minister’s office. Anyway, it was only a phony picture.

#4-  Any call answered from 777888999 will make your phone blast


A ton of viral messages went on to viral that any call replied from 777888999 number would influence your smartphone to the explosion. And although will lead to your death. Many pictures of individuals getting their ears be on fire consumed went ahead to flow as a shred of proof. Later on, it was named as lie news.

#5- Kiran Bedi’s tweet of a picture where monuments around the world were lit up in tricolor


Kiran Bedi tweeted a photo of landmarks, for example, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and so on. which were lit up in tricolor on the eve of the Indian Republic Day. The fact of the matter was that separated from Burj Khalifa, no different landmarks were lit up that way.

#6- Fake Rs 200 note picture


The new Rs 200 note picture began coursing, and individuals began to trust that after Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes, this was the new cash take note of that would be seen soon. There were reports that the administration is thinking about such another money to fill the holes. Be that as it may, this was only an awesome work in photoshop.

#7- The picture with Golden Temple lit with lanterns on Diwali


This was a to a great degree excellent picture that turned into a web sensation on Diwali. The photo had the Golden Temple and lamps flying in the sky connoting the celebration of lights. Later on, reality turned out by the editorial manager of the photo, Navkaran Brar.  Who took to Twitter to declare that it was his bit of altering and this was not a genuine picture.

#8- Indian soldiers at the Siachen Glacier picture


A photo indicating warriors conquering extraordinary conditions in trenches were accepted to be that of the Indian Army. Kirron Kher tweeted the photograph which was subtitled, “Night Stay Of Indian Soldiers At Siachen Glacier. Regard and Salute To Indian Army. Feel Proud To Share This Picture. ” However, this photo was not of the Indian Army but rather was asserted to be of the Russian Army.






Aman Yadav & Ashutosh Khandelwal

Controversialhub was founded in 2017 by Aman Yadav & Ashutosh Khandelwal. They both are Management students and lives in Indore, India. They have a very deep interest in Controversial Stories.

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