Best Destination Places For Wedding

Top 7 Destinations For A Dream Wedding

If you have got the perfect partner and perfect ring now all you need is the perfect place. Today, we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 7 dream wedding location for this list we’re looking at some of most beautiful, popular and interesting destination to have your wedding. We will be looking at the ten most dream destination venues in the world. In order to make this top ten as accurate as possible, we have taken into account only venues that are available to anyone who has the money.

So, no special treatment for king’s and queen’s nothing like renting the entire Taj Mahal for your event.


#7- Crete, Greece


If you and your spouse dream of being married with a backdrop of the blue water of the Mediterranean look no further than the beautiful and historic island of Crete imagine picturesque sea shores, stunning sunset, and a laid-back atmosphere.

If a traditional church ceremony is part of your vision there is no shortage of adorable chapels to satisfy any taste though it’s common for a wedding to have upwards of a thousand guest in Crete.

It also is an ideal spot for a small and intimate occasion on top of it all these this is the perfect place to start an island for hopping Grecian honeymoon.


#6- Paris, France

What better place to express your adoration for each other than the city of love. Paris has plenty of elegant wedding venues both indoor and outdoor ones for you. To choose from whether you want your wedding photos to feature the call now too damned Apache or the iconic Eiffel Tower you’ll undoubtedly end up looking like you stepped into a romantic postcard.

It’s important to note that in order to have a legally recognized wedding in Paris one of the parties to be married has to have resided in France for 40 days before the Ceremony so many couples will opt to register in their own country before venturing off to Paris for their public wedding.


#5- Drakensberg, South Africa


If you want a truly unique location for your destination wedding. The mountain is a South African region of Drakensberg will make a trip. No guest will forget setting your nuptials at the cathedral peak hotels gives your base camp for a wide range of activities.

Like Golf hiking and wine-tasting at a local vineyard. They also have a gorgeous wedding chapel on site and offer traditional African feasts for your reception. So you can have a perfect day with very little additional planning the nearby Durban Safari is a great activity to keep your guest entertained in the time leading up to your big day.


#4- Turks and Caicos Island, Caribbean


This island is a reason why destination wedding in the Caribbean is so popular the combination of pristine white sand beaches and in real turquoise waters for a stunning backdrop for any ceremony.

Turks and Caicos is a great choice. If you are looking for a venue that offers an upscale experience with a  desert island feel.


#3- Aspen, Colorado, United States


If a winter wedding is what you’ve always dreamed of there’s no place more romantic or picturesque than Aspen in the state of Colorado tucked away in the Rocky Mountains. This luxury ski destination is the perfect spot. The natural beauty of the surrounding area paired with the cozy atmosphere of the path. Since many event venues will make for an unforgettable day is a gorgeous as Aspen.


#2- Mount Cook, New Zealand


Mount Cook is the tallest Mountain in New Zealand and Gem of Southern Alps. It guaranteed to wow you and your guest with spectacular glacier views and snowy peaks.  One of the most popular wedding venues is the Church of the Good Shepherd. A pretty stone chapel on the shores of Lake Tekapo treat.


#1-  Los Cabos, Mexico


If you want to get in paradise this tropical utopia is located at the southern tip of  Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. And offer everything you could want for a destination wedding. Peaceful San Jose Del Cabo gives the experience of a traditional village with cobblestone streets and authentic restaurant.


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